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Valet pro bloke

Aspen Jan 26, 2010

  1. Aspen

    Aspen Member VCDS Map User

    Hi All,

    Been away for a while but have been trying out loads of stuff.

    I have found that the bloke that et up valet pro, is very nice, and extremely knowledgeable too.

    They are bringing out their own brand of clay and lube which I will try and report back on, but since last time I have tried the following out

    Autoglym bloody expensive tiny pot of hard wax = not bad results actually.

    Demonshine = great for if you don't want to chamis your car, thus reducing paint and cloth contact. (don't follow instructions on bottle, spray on leave for 2 mins then rinse off, not with jet hose for best results. water runs strait off.) works great on alloys too!

    Valet pro house wax = Excellent, easy to apply carnauba wax, come off even easier. V cheap in comparison to others. Lasts about 5 weeks on my car.
  2. Hitharder

    Hitharder Member

    autoglym wax expensive? i got it for 25£ thats not expensive for a very good wax!!!! but yeah it is super and demonshine is a wicked product for anyone who doesnt want to spend to much on a QD!

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