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VAGCOM Torque/BHP graph

Westy Feb 16, 2009

  1. This is where I read this, but its all hearsay:
  2. freegeek

    freegeek Member


    OK, they guys who owns this site (WAK) is actually one of my distributors , vagcheck. He was responsible for a lot of the definition of the liquid. Top bloke!
  3. s3wil

    s3wil New Member

    Hi, sorry I havent got back to you. I basically followed this guide:


    I have noticed the car has more power under 2k where previously I was dissapointed. Seems alot smoother power delivery now throughout the rev range and less turbo lag. Makes sense if air was escaping.

    Would be interested to see if anyone else has same results.

    The pink/red hose that was leaking was at the rear of the engine. It has a heatsheild which can be unbuttoned.

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