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Vagcom scan in Cheshire

Morzy Aug 29, 2009

  1. Morzy

    Morzy Member

    Afternoon all,

    Wonder if anybody has a copy of Vagcom in the Cheshire area that can scan my car for me?

    The car keeps breaking down (so much so that its every time i take it out now). It wont start when warm, and it is now cutting out whilst driving giving me no powersteering or servo'd brakes etc!!!

    Car is currently stranded on a dual carriage way, lost my rag with it and got the wife to pick me up.

    Anyway, if anybody local to me wouldn't mind popping over and seeing what codes come up, it would be most appreciated, would re-imburse with beer or whatever.

  2. kaz219

    kaz219 Active Member VCDS Map User

    Id pop over but dont have a car as i sold mine :S

    Im near United's Ground if you want to pop down ?
  3. Morzy

    Morzy Member

    Woud love to mate, and really appreciate the offer, but can't risk breaking down in the middle of manchester really.

    If i start to struggle i might tow it to you, and the tow it back:thumbsup:

    Thanks again pal, i will let you know.

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