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VAGCOM Manchester

kashiskash Feb 23, 2010

  1. kashiskash

    kashiskash Member

    Can anyone please help a fellow member with a vagcom read.

    I have an anoying fault with my 2003 A4 Avant 1.9tdi sport

    The rear tailgate (estate) is flagging up on the dashboard its open when its closed I need some help either reseting the fault or the error code so I can buy the correct part.

    Can Anyone please help Iam in cental Manchester?
  2. chrisash32

    chrisash32 Member

    you will find its just the connector in the boot thats faulty.
    Happened to mine when the rear wiper was ******* water inside all the boot lock electrics.

    I am sure there is a wire that can be bridged to turn the light off on the dash, probably not something that vag-com will pick up...

    Where in central Manc are you?
  3. kashiskash

    kashiskash Member

    Yeah your 100% correct Chris.

    I posted about this problem before and you replied with this diagnosis

    I've tried drying all the connections out and its still the same, boot thinks its open when its closed the wipers turn on and off man its a pain in the ass.

    P.s. iam in Stretford

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