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  1. quattrov6tdi

    quattrov6tdi Member

    hello all,
    just got my new vagcom toy and was playing with it as u do..firstly i was trying to put in the code for locking the doors a fifteen miles per hr (this worked)

    in doing this i inadvertly changed a code for locking windows and sunroof
    with the alarm

    please does any one now how to fix and what codes are needed, where do they go


    ciaran :respekt:
  2. ronny

    ronny Audi A4 1.8TQ

    Pasted from www.ross-tech.com

    46 - Central Convenience: K1-- KWP1281
    VAG-COM works well. We've had some problems with errors while getting the Door-Slave part numbers. If VAG-COM errors out while trying to display the information in the "Extra" fields, go to the Options Screen and set "Char Int" to 0.

    There are numerous options/ features that can be set. These are controlled by the Coding and in Adaptation Channel 62. When we published a simple table, many people didn't understand it, so here's an explanation:

    Let's look at Adaptation Channel 62 first (it is simpler, fewer bits than the Coding). The original value in a US 3.0L model is 95. Both a real VAG tool and VAG-COM display these values in decimal. 95 decimal is 5F hex, or 01011111 in binary.

    Value: 01011111
    Bit: 76543210

    Now we can correlate the bits with the chart
    for Adaptation Channel 62:

    State Bit Dec. Function
    ON 0 1 windows up with remote
    ON 1 2 windows down with remote
    ON 2 4 windows up with key in lock
    ON 3 8 windows down with key in lock
    ON 4 16 sunroof close with remote
    OFF 5 32 sunroof open with remote (does not appear to work)
    ON 6 64 sunroof close with key in lock
    OFF 7 128 sunroof open with key in lock (does not appear to work)

    Also, you will see if we add up the decimal values for each of the bits that are ON, we can verify that we did it right because we got the original Adaptation value of 95.

    1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 64 = 95.

    By now you're likely starting to wonder why "Windows with Remote" stuff doesn't work since the appropriate bits appear to be ON. To answer this question, we need to look at the coding the same way. The original coding in this car is 11788 (decimal). That's 2E0C in hex or 010111000001100 in binary. Again, we can again correlate the binary bits with the function table, just like we did above.

    Central Convenience Controller Coding:

    State Bit Dec. Function
    OFF 0 1 Great Britain- alarm system (only with bit 4)
    OFF 1 2 flash on when arming/unarming alarm system
    ON 2 4 selective locking 1 door/all doors
    ON 3 8 activate alarm system
    OFF 4 16 rear unlocking block via speed
    OFF 5 32 locking via speed
    OFF 6 64 comfort functions with remote (adapt in ch 62!!)
    OFF 7 128 right side steering
    OFF 8 256 avant (glass break sensors in rear side-and rear
    windows (if error: safe-LED constantly lit ))
    ON 9 512 1x flash when lock with remote
    ON 10 1024 horn sounds when lock with remote
    ON 11 2048 door/window-logic ( ignition off: No open door
    el. windows works 10 min )
    OFF 12 4096 normal/????-alarm system
    ON 13 8192 No SAFE-function USA only
    OFF 14 16384 insulate-glass PR-nr 4KR/4KV

    Again, we can verify that we did this correctly by adding up all the decimal values for the bits that are ON:

    4 + 8 + 512 + 1024 + 2048 + 8192 = 11788.

    Now notice that bit 6 with a value of 64 and function "comfort functions with remote (adapt in ch 62!!)" is OFF !!! So in order to turn this ON, we need to add 64 to the original coding. 11788 + 64 = 11852. Recode the module with that number. Once you do that, the options in Adaptation Channel 62 should take effect, and you can change the value there to "fine tune" the features..

    If you wanted to add "locking via speed" (where the car locks itself as soon as you reach some low speed), you would add 32.

    If you wanted to turn Selective Locking OFF, (so the entire car unlocks with one press of the unlock button on the remote) you would subtract 4.

    Hopefully this makes sense to everyone..:)
  3. marms

    marms Member

    I think all the info is in the above post but there is a hard lesson to be learned here.

    Always, always, always write down the existing code before changing it!
  4. quattrov6tdi

    quattrov6tdi Member

    thanks for ure help


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