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VAGCOM dyno results

nky_84 Jul 4, 2007

  1. nky_84

    nky_84 6th Gear

    I managed to get my car vagcom'd the other day and it came back with no faults, i'm told this is pretty rare, so that was good.

    Whilst it was gettin done we logged some groups to test a few things. The MAF was as near as spot on as makes no difference ( think it was something like 80% of 225 is 180 an my car got 179.5, altho i wasnt paying attention at the time, so i might be talking rubbish!)

    Also logged groups 120, 010, 005, 011 and 115.

    Unfortuanetly, the group i wanted to focus on was 120 but only got one set of results from the data and i dont know what gear it was in! Also, only managed to record from 2k rpm to 6k rpm.

    will try again sometime soon and get an average of the results

    got 208bhp @ 6120 but dont know what gear that was in.

    anyone else given it a go?
  2. PaulJC84

    PaulJC84 Owner

    Your car was slow mate!! ha ha.

    Good results on the Vag.com though.
  3. sitrials

    sitrials Member

    how did you work out your bhp mine only told me torque in NM and that is supposedly at the wheels, NO?
    what version of vag com were you using??
  4. nky_84

    nky_84 6th Gear

    using the formulas below

    PS= torque *revs/7019
    BHP= PS*1.01387

    If you still have the logs, let me know what you got, interesting to see how close to 265 you get.


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