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VAGCHECK-Mk1 TT/S3 Cruise Control-£150 inc during November

Discussion in 'VAGCHECK' started by Morgan-VAGCHECK, Oct 25, 2008.

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    Jan 31, 2007
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    Hi all,

    During November we are offering cruise control for the Mk1 TT/S3, including all parts & labour for only £150 all in. This is a saving of £25 off our regular pricing.

    This particular offer is applicable only at our Frimley location, & will be by prior appointment. We can offer bookings for fitment Monday to Saturday, & you need to allow approx 3 hours for fitting.

    Fitting can be whilst you wait, or you are welcome to leave the vehicle with us. There is a train station only five minutes away where we can drop you off & pick you up from, with routes to London/Guildford/Ascot etc

    Only genuine VAG parts will be used, & the 1J0 stalk will be supplied unless otherwise requested.

    Whilst the 1J0 stalk is in fact from the Mk4 Golf, we feel it match’s the opposite stalk in the TT much better than the official 8L0 stalk, & its also a little nicer to actually use with speed +/- both controlled via the toggle switch.

    The 8L0 stalk can be supplied instead if you wish.

    The 1JO stalk

    We are now also able to source the full factory looms. Until now only the stalk side of the loom seemed available to order, & required us to construct a custom loom for the connections to the ECU itself. Now all installations will have full factory looms used.

    Factory loom for stalk side of the plenum chamber connections

    Factory loom for ECU side of the plenum chamber connections

    If any one would like anymore details, or would like to make a booking don’t hesitate to PM or email me.

    Kind regards

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