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Vagcheck - Focus ST 2.5L mapping

Morgan-VAGCHECK Nov 13, 2008

  1. Morgan-VAGCHECK

    Morgan-VAGCHECK Foot to the floor

    Hi all,

    Just to let you know we can now offer high quality mapping for the Focus ST 2.5 turbo.

    Our code developer has been busy for quite some time finding the optimal settings for high performance, whilst retaining reliability.

    The final calibration, when test driven by the owner of the initial development vehicle found it left him literally shaking from the adrenalin :)

    The following example has completely stock hardware, & only the software upgrade applied.


    There are others out there claiming a little more from these, but I am told by one ex Focus ST owners club member that some who have actually been on the dyno with others code found the claimed figures were not being met.

    Our gains are proven to be repeatable with ~260bhp being typical of stock HW, with the code having now been applied to many vehicles by our developer & dyno tested.

    For pricing, or any other details please email us.


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