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VAGCHECK - 1.8T Pocket Power PP100 Group Buy

Discussion in 'VAGCHECK' started by Morgan-VAGCHECK, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Morgan-VAGCHECK

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    Jan 31, 2007
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    Hi all,

    We still receive inquiries for One Clicks from customers who want the option to be able to switch between there original standard map & remap without a visit to us.

    We no longer offer the device under the AmD branding, but we wanted to let you know we can still offer this option to our customers having now been appointed a trade distributor by the manufacturer.

    The device itself is branded as PP100 (the manufacturers original name) & can be supplied mail order with our Vagcheck Stage 1 remap.

    It’s ideal for customers who are not local & cannot fit into there schedule a long journey to us for remapping, but also don’t feel comfortable to remove the ECU themselves & posting to us for bench flashing.

    PP100 fills this niche nicely with the customer being able to easily load the remap to the vehicle themselves & also swap between the remap or there original standard map whenever they wish.

    Currently there is no VAT content so it’s a very good deal already at £499 including UK postage; however we are happy to offer a group buy to the forum with a further £50 reduction in price to £449.

    A minimum of three participants is required, there is no maximum number & the group buy is also running on the UK TT forum.

    Post here or send us a PM to register your interest & we will update the list.


    The group buy will close on the 31st December & a deposit of £50 will be required to reserve your place.

    Most DBW 1.8T engine variants are covered but some models may not be compatible, we will advise on an individual basis.

    For more info & vehicle compatibility check out our website here



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