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VAG Tacho / VAG Commander

kid-jensen Apr 12, 2010

  1. kid-jensen

    kid-jensen New Member


    Anyone managed to make this work with the 2.5 Diesel engine?

    I'm trying to get the Key code to programme a spare key, but I can't even get it to recognise my Instrument (VDO D11)

    Tried a number of Ebay Cables/software, but none so far will work.....
  2. griswold

    griswold Member

    Im 99% sure my a6 was vdo d11 but its not here for me to check wife in work
    I had trouble getting the pin with vag tacho so got vag commander disc supplied software wouldnt connect but i downloaded a setup.exe which installed vag commander and that worked
    limited with my a6 but worked showed pin and i have programmed a key with new blank chip with vag tacho
    have a search for digital kaos forum i got it off there
  3. TSM

    TSM New Member

    mine is a vdo h74 (audi a3 2005 sportback) i cant for the life of me read the code from the dash with Vag Commander, keeps saying code not found reset instument cluster

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