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VAG K+CAN Commander V1.4 Help

gdbarratt Oct 5, 2011

  1. gdbarratt

    gdbarratt A3 Sportback 2.0 T FSi

    Originally posted this in the A3 8P forum but it was suggested this was a better place so here goes - I bought from eBay a USB Interface VAG K+CAN including full software version 1.4 (China), this is meant to cover Audi A3 up to 2007.
    I have installed the software on the laptop connected to the car and all I want to do is check the error codes.
    Anyone get any idea how to use this software?

    I have succesfully connected to several things (ABS, stereo etc) but I can not connect to the engine or do a general sweep for errors.
    I have tried to find a manual for the software but have found nothing useful.

    I have downloaded V2.5, V3.0, V3.6 and V5.5 of the software also and have had no real success with these either.
    I have managed to connect to the Car with V1.4, V2.5 and V3.0 and can read out certain info but how to do an error sweep elludes me. I really do not want to accidently re-program anything, just want to read my own errors if their are any.

    Any help would be much apreciated. ​
  2. dunk

    dunk Member

    all of these versions are cracked, old and limited in terms of function and connection - its a chinese clone of a very old hardware/software package. before they changed hardware, commander was up to version 7 then they changed to avdi hardware (which has already been copied by the chinese but again is several versions behind the legit hardware/software package)

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