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Vag factory fit alarm

maxlbrown Mar 30, 2006

  1. maxlbrown

    maxlbrown Deep Blue

    I have come across a serious problem when insuring my A6

    I went to new supplier (auto direct) for my insurance at renewal a couple of weeks ago. Thats when the trouble starts

    The insurance underwriters (royal sun alliance) do not recognise Audi (or VAG) factory fit alarms and immobilisers as they deem them not approved by Thatcham.

    After some research with both audi and Thatcham the Audi system is an approved 2/1 immobiliser and alarm system.

    After providing prove that it is fitted to my vehicle and is on the options list for my vehicle obtained from the dealer and the details from Thatcham they still dont accept it and wanted a installation certificate from an independant installer. (ahem factory fit remember).

    Also the insurance cert has a cop out clause thatif the immobiliser and alarm are not deemed thatcham approved by them that you are not covered for theft.

    Guess what

    I went back to my old insurer Zurich who are expensive I know. But I cant get quotes from most places as my house is to new and not showing up on the databases at present.

    Be warned

  2. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    sounds like a crappy insurer.

    you can download the approved list from the thatcham wesite, and it'll clearly state that they contain thatcham cat 2 immobilisers as standard...
  3. scotty33

    scotty33 Member

    Norwich union direct were happy to insure my old coupe 20v without any alarm/immobiliser. Then when I changed to my present 20v coupe, I declared the alloys, lowered suspension and crossdrilled discs and the alarm and immobiliser. They loaded my premium for the mods but didn't knock off anything for the security! Might be worth a try, or are they not 'seeing' your new house?
  4. maxlbrown

    maxlbrown Deep Blue

    none of the main insurers do not find my house or post code as the road is only 6 months old. Ill try again next year.

    You are correct done that sent it off didn't make any difference.

    immobiliser is standard 2 when fitted with alarm raises it to 2/1

    so effectively raised from 2 to 1


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