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VAG-COM - Moving from 8L to 8P

RGS3 Jul 5, 2007

  1. RGS3

    RGS3 Member

    Hi All,

    I did do some searches but non-the-wiser. I've just upgraded to a 8P S3 from a 8L. Used to do some bits and pieces with vag-com. I ended up buying the proper cable (non ebay, uk based ross-tech thingy) so I could get all blocks and capability. Has anyone / does anyone bother with vag-com on the 8P's ? If so, whats the difference in the cable, can I swap it for what 8P needs ? Shall I just sell my old one ?

  2. marms

    marms Member

    As I see you're now selling your old cable I guess you've already answered your own question.

    The 8P uses CAN for diagnostics so the cables are not interchangeable. If its a genuine Ross-Tech cable I think they do an upgrade program so you should be able to get the new lead for less money by trading it in.

    Lots of stuff can be done with VAG-COMM on the 8P and after using a friends to code my recent SatNav & Bluetooth phone upgrade I managed to get him to sell me his because (apparently) he never found a use for it.

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