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VAG-COM & MAF & More...

Passatman Nov 16, 2006

  1. Passatman

    Passatman New Member

    Hi there

    (Sebastian, this is pretty much addressed to you....oh, and just spent a lot of ZAR ((South African currency LOL)) on a HEX USB - your fault of course! Looks like a very useful "tool".

    1.Replaced the previously faulty MAF and it is reading within the stated spec...and climbs as you rev the engine, however seems no difference in performance, although don't want to thrash it just yet...Upsolute chipped and freeflow exhaust, would that make a difference or does the ECU have to "learn" the fact that the MAF now works after about 2 months?

    2. Also, I get this fault code, not sure how to tackle it?

    Address 08: Auto HVAC
    Part No: 3B2 907 044 J
    Component: CLIMATRONIC B5GP 0004
    Coding: 17000
    Shop #: WSC 00028
    1 Fault Found:
    01274 - Air Flow Flap Positioning Motor (V71)
    37-00 - Faulty

    Help would be most welcome..!
  2. Uwe@Ross-Tech

    Uwe@Ross-Tech Member

    1) Did you clear fault codes after installing the new MAF? Doing so resets the fuel trims and other learned values and gives you a fresh start.

    2) I suspect there's a lot of tearing apart of the dash needed to get to that motor. If the HVAC still works to your satisfaction, I'd ignore that one.

  3. Passatman

    Passatman New Member

    Hi Uwe

    Yes, I did clear the fault codes. Guess it just has to learn a bit?

    The aircon seems to work fairly ok, just when you set it to recirculate (to keep smoke etc out when necessary), it does not seem to seal off the car from outside.
  4. dultanur

    dultanur all promises, no action :)

    have the same problem. the recirculation flap is beneath the pollen filter. check to see if it works when you press the recirc. button.

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