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vag com fault codes..... any help out there please?????

shufti May 22, 2006

  1. shufti

    shufti Member

    hi guys

    i own a 2000 a6 avant 1.8T which has devoloped a misfiring fault. it generally drives on average at 30mph max with my foot to the floor with intermittent bursts of power that last no more than a couple of seconds.

    can anyone help me in locating the problem, i can't afford to give it to audi so will try and replace the relevant parts myself once i know what is causing the problem.....

    i've had suggestions of the maf filter or coil pack that could be causing this but these were suggested before i done the scan... i was able to arrange a vag-com scan today and this is what come back........

    vag com - faults found......

    17544 - Fuel Trim: bank 1 (add) system too rich - P1136

    17536 - Fuel Trim: bank 1 (mult) system too lean - P1128

    16684 - random/multiple cylinder misfirwe detected - P0300

    16685 - cylinder 1 misfire detected - P0301

    16687 - cylinder 3 misfire detected - P0303

    16688 - cylinder 4 misfire detected - P0304

    16686 - cylinder 2 misfire detected - P0302

    17925 - main relay (j271) electrical malfunction - P1517

    18010 - Power Supply Terminal 30: voltage too low - P1602

    18034 - Power train Data Bus: missing message from TCU - P1626

    17834 - EVAP Purge Valve (n80) open circuit - P1426

    i called audi with the details of the main relay fault (17925 - main relay (j271) electrical malfunction - P1517) i thought that replacing this would be as good a place to start but after calling 3 dealers nobody could tell me what relay this is! anyone out there know????

  2. imported_rustys3

    imported_rustys3 Guest

    Hi there,
    Its the Motronic current supply relay (J271) that your looking for.
    Its located in engine compartment, front left, in plenum chamber, near
    brake master cylinder.
    The relay your looking for is the top right one.

    I've got a file that shows you the location of this. If you want this PM me with your email address.


  3. shufti

    shufti Member

    hi Rusty
    thanks for that, not sure how to PM
    is this where you mean?

    i guess it's the black one.... 8d0951253a - does this relate to your file? email me the file if you don't mind - ed68@btinternet.com

  4. shufti

    shufti Member

    there was supposed to be 2 pictures on last post, not sure why they didn't make it......

    on the right of the ecu, 2 relays and one 40amp fuse

  5. dannyto4

    dannyto4 New Member

    did you find the relay i have the same problem can you tell me where is that relay how does it look like please

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