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VAG COM Fault Code Advice Please.

Fahd Mar 12, 2011

  1. Fahd

    Fahd Member

    Hi guys, my car has been misfiring and the engine management sign is on, on the dashboard so I connected it to my laptop and ran VAG COM. I'm getting two error codes on my computer, which I've taken a print-screen picture of below:


    I'm only running the free version of VAG COM but a quick google search has shown me that error code 17526 is also related to a lambda sensor fault (specifically the post-catalytic converter lambda sensor). Is error code 17524 also related to the same lambda sensor or is it referring to one in the engine bay? also I can't clear codes with the free version of VAG COM (says I need to buy the professional version), if I'm to replace the two lambda sensors is it likely the misfiring will stop and the error codes will clear themselves? thanks for any help in advance!
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