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vag com compatibility on 2000 a3 1.8t?

Bellic Jan 6, 2007

  1. Bellic

    Bellic Member

    i have a 2000 w a3 t quattro i have a serial type cable iso9141 which version is compatible with my car , i tried 409 but when pressing ob2 compatibility it says my car is not obd 2 compatible/iso, i tried 311 went in engine , but not cent convienice as i want to do anti hijck functions and honk on alarm? so what could be wrong ?
  2. Uwe@Ross-Tech

    Uwe@Ross-Tech Member

    The 8L A3 uses 35-Cent.Locks, not 46-Cent.Conv.

    MY 2000 cars sold in the European market were not required to be ODB-II/EOBD compliant.


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