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VAG 1.8T platform Big Turbo Kit

S3_nick Oct 31, 2012

  1. S3_nick

    S3_nick Member

    I've got a Garret T3 big turbo kit for the Vag 1.8t platform forsale the kit came off a 8L Audi S3 but will fit all transverse VAG 1.8t application with the correct pipe work. I was told only about 4-5k old, the kit includes refurbed T3 with larger compressor wheel judging by the looks of the turbo it has not been used since the refurb, custom built T3 manifold which i have had the flanges welded for extra strength and the inside of the T3 flange welds cleaned up for flow, L shape charge pipe, TIP, 3 inch down pipe with flexi, Eurospec rod's with standard pistons that are cleaned and re-ringed one piston has some very light surface marks and the rod's come with new bearings, also there's an ECU with stage 3 revo mapping on for the kit but I don't know what engine code this is for, and a revo SPS switch. I did have a few documents with this kit when I got it but lost them but I remember what I had and what they said, the turbo was rebuilt and bigger compressor wheel fitted by CR turbos they have even fitted one of there stickers to the acuator, I also had a dyno print out that said the car pulled 325bhp the guy I bought the kit off told me that the car was running standard coolers and standard injectors but running a 4 bar, I originaly bought this kit for my car but then my plans where changed so this is why the kit is for sale. any questions and more pictures please PM me your email adress

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