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Vacuum hoses on BRD engine - valve cover not under vacuum?

ricochet Apr 29, 2013

  1. ricochet

    ricochet Member

    Evening Gents,

    Just checking the glow plugs on my 2.0 and when I removed the vacuum tube from the side of the valve cover, I could hear air sucking into the tube.

    This hose connects to the valve cover, but when I try to blow through the tube into the valve cover, it seems blocked. Question being, is it supposed to be, as I cant see what its supposed to do - blocked or not?

  2. Steve220

    Steve220 Member

    It has a one way valve in it to prevent the air going back into the cover under pressure. When the engine is under boost.
  3. ricochet

    ricochet Member

    Thnaks for that Steve220. I also tried sucking on the hose sticking out of the cover and it seems blocked that way too. Have noticed air blowing out of the pinhole in the front left of the cover when the car is running - presume it's meant to do that?

    Do you know what the hose is meant to do? Thought it might be to sense if the cover is cracked? Also, do you know where the coolant temperature sensor is on one of these - damned if I can see / find it!

    Have the exact same car as you in Phantom Black BTW....without all the better bits you've bolted on!

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