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V8 engine breather system?

GeoffDunk May 13, 2013

  1. GeoffDunk

    GeoffDunk Well-Known Member Team Panther Audi RS4 quattro Audi Avant Owner Group


    Does anyone know of any problems with the S4 V8 engine breather? I have seen quite a few posting on the 1.9 and 2.0 TDI versions and just wondered if there are any known issues with the V8 item?

    I ask becasue I sometimes get a burnt engine oil smell back through the AC when in slow moving traffic after a long journey. I may also have another leak from the rocker cover gaskets which is a shame as I have already had these done once.

    Hopefully some of you have some ideas, thanks in advance!

  2. Paul @ Unit 9 Remaps

    Paul @ Unit 9 Remaps Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    You sound spot on' could be either you mentioned. i had this problem on my leon cupra and symptoms where as you said. instead of replacing it with the chocolate oem i made my own out of silicone hose and a t peice cost about £5 too

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