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v6 tdi warm start problems

elite installations Nov 6, 2011

  1. elite installations

    elite installations New Member

    Morning, i have a 2001/2 2.5 tdi AYM engined audi a6, i ve not had the car for long about 6 weeks, occasionaly when warm it was difficult to start but once started it ran fine, it starts from cold no problem, i have just had all the belts and water pump changed and all seemed good for a week or so but now it is really really difficult to start when warm, if ive left it stand for and hour or more and then try to start it it cranks for ages with white smoke out of the exhaust once started, if i start it a few mins after i turned it off it will start no probs, it just seems once ive left it maybe an hour or more, the fault code it came up with was the coolant temp sensor which i have changed and now the temp gauge works too, although the temp never seems to get above 70/75, i thought they normally ran about 90? it cranks over plenty fast enough i would say and the battery seems fine too.
    any help would be great as this is doing my head in and im on rather a tight budget at the mo so hope its not costly, right over to you guys and gals
    Thanks Rich
  2. swarcup

    swarcup Well-Known Member

    did you change the thermostat also when you did the cambelts. this is the usual reason that they never reach 90.The thermostat is next to the water pump and a belts off job to change. Have you also checked the fuel pump timing on vagcom just to see if its operating at the correct timing. Should be set up once the belts are changed.Worth eliminating first before starting to look for problems with other stuff

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