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v6 tdi "bau" engines still have cam faults.

murran Aug 13, 2010

  1. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    we all know the early v6 tdi cams and valve gear wear out. later engines have different cam construction and roller rockers.
    we have one of these later v6 tdis "bau engine" in at work this last week with a confusing misfire. intermittently misfiring. on looking at the injector quantity comparisons on the bosch kts, cylinder 6 seemed to be very different whenever i ran the comparison test. after having the injectors sent off and checked (coming back as ok).
    taking a closer look at the cams i noticed on cylinder 6, one of the inlet valve cam lobes has cracked causing the actual lobe the roller rocker runs on to be able to move around its positivly loose!

    i know there are people on here that work at the stealers. has anyone come across this before? is there an under lying fault with the cams or has something caused it to break?

    im guna post up a pic of it tomorrow.
  2. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    ive changed the said cam this morning at work. the new cam is of different construction and alot heavier.
    the old cam is like a hollow tube with hardened lobes fitted on it. the new cam is proper old style cast and and machined chunk of metal.
    audi must know their is and underlying fault with these light weight cams......
  3. blackwagon

    blackwagon Member

    I am affraid you ordered the wrong cam, the BAU definately had the hollow cams and roller rockers. The profile is different from the older cast versions too.
    This is a common problem with early versions of the hollow cams, or also occur when the lobe got a smack as result of a broken timing belt.
    Do you mean you have a solid cast cam with the straight cut timing gear ??

  4. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    I still preffer the old style engine Axx with rocker arms as its much safer than the later Bxx engines. Mine chew the cambelt a few months ago (cheap Dayco rubbish fitted by previous garage) after engine rebuilt due to worn cams at 180k. I had a look at the belt, it looked new to me, had receipts for the work done so i proceeded with the rebuilt. Car ran sweet for 3 k then bang. I have not a single valve bent tough but took the heads off anyway as i've fitted new ported heads. Fitted a Contitech belt kit and job's a good one...

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