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V6 owners with filters and/or exhausts please help me

Audi_TT 83 Feb 27, 2008

  1. Audi_TT 83

    Audi_TT 83 Audi_tt 83

    V6 owners with filters and exhausts please help me i posted this in the TT section but figured the A3 i pretty much the same
    i have been looking for the answer to this for several hours with not joy so here goes.

    i would like to know how much louder within the cabin and outside the milltek system is than standard when it comes to running nomally, through town and on a motorway doing 65-90mph. Also how much louder when at full throttle

    and also how much louder the BMC-CDA filter is again in the same conditions ?

    any help would be appreciated. and any internal or external noise videos would be brilliant.

    thanks in advance
  2. Audi_TT 83

    Audi_TT 83 Audi_tt 83

    Seriously after 24 views and 3 days ago, has no one got a v6 with a filter of any kind ????????
  3. Oli.

    Oli. Member

    I had both a Milltek CAT back and BMC filter on my MKVR32, and it sounded awesome - Little bit boomy around 2200 rpm, but the rest of the rev range made up for it. Not sure how the Milltek sounds like on the A3, but if its anything like the .:R, then go for it
  4. golf

    golf ***** rent boy VCDS Map User

    Depends if it's resonated or non-resonated. Either way it will be boomy from 2000RPM to 3000RPM

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