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V-Maxx Brake Kits Now Available!

Discussion in 'Kowalski Details' started by N8, Jul 10, 2012.

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    After 2 years of intensive development, testing, preparation and investment, V-Maxx are proud to make a full introduction of
    V-Maxx Big Brake Kits! V-Maxx are the first company worldwide to offer big brake kits with full TÜV approval in an affordable price range. An awesome looking kit with 330mm 2 piece sport brake discs (requires minimum 17" wheels) covering most popular cars is available from stock as from now and come standard with V-Maxx TÜV approved sport brake pads and adapters to fit standard brakes lines to the large red V-Maxx 4 piston aluminum brake calipers.

    All kits have the amazingly low RRP of £999 inc VAT or for a kit supplied with stainless steel brake lines £1049 inc VAT. V-Maxx are concentrating now to expand the 330mm vehicle range, plus have started tooling on smaller 295mm discs with new smaller calipers to suit cars with 15" and 16" wheels which will be available later this summer.

    If you are interested or curious about application then do not hesitate to get in contact with us via:

    Private Message
    Email: info@kowalskidetails.co.uk
    Phone: 07940 006419

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