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Using Lots Of Engine Coolant and Smoking Exessively?

Lance-22 Feb 27, 2010

  1. Lance-22

    Lance-22 A3TDI

    Hi guys, recently my car has been using lots of coolant and im having to top it up once or twice a week now! I have also noticed it is smoking much more than usual, could these be related? Any ideas what it could be?
    I initially put the smoke down to either the turbo being on its way out (130,000 and still on original) or having milltek turbo back system fitted and not having new map put on as ive heard removing the cat will have affected my current map..however im thinking now it could be related to the coolant issue?
    Any help would be much appreciated :icon_thumright:
  2. N8

    N8 Kowalski Details VCDS Map User

    Coolant loss is usually linked with a cracked head! Common fault on these TDI engines..
  3. navnayyar

    navnayyar Member

    What colour smoke? You need a different map to deal with the fueling if you've got decat/ hiflow cat otherwise will overfuel on a map made for standard setup and obviously cause problems, more unburnt fuel in your exhaust smoke
  4. devonmikeyboy

    devonmikeyboy As far from JBS as possible !

    I take it some tuning company told you that so they could take your money as it`s a complete load of rubbish.
    @ Lance 22. If you are loosing coolant and the engine is smoking either the head has cracked or the head gasket has broken. More likely the head cracked as the oil from the cams in the head is seeping down the cracks into the cylinder head and getting burnt a long with the diesel and water from the coolant jacket. If you are loosing water and oil get the engine looked at quickly as the engine could easily hydro lock it`s self or the head crack completely as it did with me which tends to make a right mess of the engine. If you find you need a replacement engine or head i have some secondhand ones laying around if you don`t want to buy new.

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