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used snow foam and lance for first time.........does this sound about rite?

vw754 Dec 30, 2010

  1. vw754

    vw754 vorsprung Durch Technik

    Hi all, i bought autobrite foam lance and snowfoam,today was the first time i used it.......ok......First of all i had an empty autoglym super resin polish bottle/container,so i washed it out thoroughly and poured in the snow foam (neat) and filled the bottle(this would be easier than to drag 5 litres with me everytime i washed the car) the super resin polish bottle is 325ml........i used the whole bottle of this and washed 3 cars,is this about rite or is that too much,i only foamed the cars once and the lance was on the ( - setting) im sure thats way more than 3 inces of foam (i was told about 1 inch would be enough to do 1 car )

    IM SURE THATS ABOUT 19 INCHES !:confused:
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2010
  2. Padtwo

    Padtwo Member

    I normally put about an inch into the bottom of the snowfoam bottle then top up with water. Some say warm water but IMHO by the time you have blasted the cold water from the PW through it then I don't think it will make that much difference, but it's all about what suits the user and it's a bit of fun too.

    I find with the dial on mine set right round to "-" then it gives the most foam but gets through it quite quickly. I tend to wind it all the way to "-" then go back half a turn. You still get quite a bit of foam but don't get through nearly as much product. Think I get about three cars out of a bottle this way. I didn't get any instructions with mine and if you haven't aleady realised you can turn the nozzle a bit to adjust the spray pattern too (you'll see the two little metal pieces in the nozzle moving). Adjusting this a bit also helped with me.
  3. vw754

    vw754 vorsprung Durch Technik

    thanks padtwo, i have mine al the way to "-" aswell,it does use foam quicker but it go's on quite thick(what i like lol) il have to give it a tweek next time see how it works then,dont want it go on the car and come off almost immediatley,thats why i set it to -
  4. stevemiles70

    stevemiles70 Member

    As 'Padtwo' said ....about an inch into the bottom of the 1L snowfoam bottle then top up with water.

    Did you buy the Magifoam from them on the GB, as by coincidence I am just about to post up a thread with a mini review of the AutoBrite Magifoam that they have on the GB offer... It is seriously good stuff.

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