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Used Remote Central locking Kit!

Mart Feb 14, 2006

  1. Mart

    Mart Active Member

    I have a used remote central locking kit, that I'm looking to sell if the price is right! I had it installed on my Audi 80 Avant. But took it back when I part x it, hoping it would fit on replacement A4. Didn't!

    Purchased through vagparts.co.uk
    Part Number on Box: 4A0 054 640

    Have original box, parts, paperwork that came with it!

    Box says it will be useable on the following vehicles. (But please check yourself it will fit on your vehicle)

    Audi 80 92 - 94
    Audi 80 Avant 92 - 95
    Audi A4 95 - 96
    Audi A4 Avant 96
    Audi 100 92 - 94
    Audi 100 Avant 92 - 94
    Audi A6 94 - 96
    Audi A6 Avant 94 - 96
    Audi A8 94 - 96

    Remote central locking upgrade kit that connects direct to the central locking pump and gives total closure at the touch of a button.
    The upgrade remote locking kit will shut the electric windows and close the electric roof ONLY if your car does that now on the key!! This kit cannot be used on vehicals with factory remote locking.

    VagParts.co.uk charge £108.10 GBP! (inc VAT) + Delivery.
    If you're interested let me know!
  2. I am interested. How easy is it to fit this kit, is it suitable for DIY fitting? What price did you have in mind for it? Do you have a photo or illustration to show what the fobs look like?

    This should fit my 1996 A4 1.8T as it doesn't have the factory fit remot locking, and has the same key as the late Audi 80.
  3. Mart

    Mart Active Member

    Thanks for all you who PM'd be!

    Kit is now Sold & Posted!

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