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Used car warranty coverage question

MikeHotel Feb 28, 2014

  1. MikeHotel

    MikeHotel New Member

    Hi there,

    Long time lurker first time poster..

    I'm hoping someone can help with an Audi used-car warranty question.

    Just over 7 months ago I purchased a used 2010 A4 Avant s-line 140 auto, from an audi dealership. I bought the car with 43k miles on the clock, since then I've done about 10k miles on it. Love every moment of driving it, its the perfect motorway cruiser. :)

    But it's not been all roses in the garden, despite being given the assurance that the car was 'checked thoroughly by their skilled technicians' I've had the car back to the dealership more times than I'd cared to.. to have brake disks and an EGR replacements. The dealership, quite rightly, has replaced at no cost to me.

    I've discovered today that the rear shocks are leaking and will need to be replaced. I'm trying to determine if this is covered under the used-car warranty, as I've heard some pricey figures being mentioned on the cost of replacing.

    Having looked at the audi extended warranty site (as a basic guide) it doesn't give any exclusion of coverage that I can see for the shocks being replaced - link <https://www.audiextendedwarranty.co.uk/Home/Content/comprehensivedetail?name=comprehensivedetail&title=Detail%20of%20Cover>

    Can any one advise? When replacing the shocks, is it standard practise to change the springs also, or is if sufficient to change the shocks and re-use the existing springs? (sorry if that sounds like a stupid question)..

    Thanks in advance!
  2. ivor1

    ivor1 Member

    Hi I purchased an Audi extd warranty for my car last year ,as advised by the service exec. £325 .The main reason for this was that we all new the fly wheel was needing some tlc.When it came to claiming on the warranty of course things weren't just so easy and car along with all its servicing history was examined by the warranty agent.The response after inspection was that the company wouldn't cover cost of flywheel replacement .The service advisor who had sold me the warranty was no longer with the company so perhaps this had made things more complicated.
    At the same time the car needed a passenger side rear shock replaced.which at 60000 miles I considered to be pretty poor,an engine mount and an egr issue addressed.
    I did express my concern quite candidly to the new advisor,who then directed me to the service manager.When I spoke to the service manager the next day the position had changed in that all issues,is flywheel engine mount,egr ,except shock absorber were going to be fixed by dealer with no additional cost to me having already bought their recommended warranty.
    I would consider very carefully what warranty you buy as it is always more complicated should you need to claim.
    I would change the shock and prob keep the original springs.
    After this was sorted out I thought I had put up with enough hassle from my b8 and have moved away from Audi completely.
  3. scotty76

    scotty76 Well-Known Member Team Phantom Audi S4

    Sorry to hear of your experience but glad it's sorted. Thanks for sharing as it's useful to know how effective extended warranties are.

    I put money aside for car issues instead of a warranty. Your story has confirmed this is a better plan. :)
  4. dieselguy

    dieselguy Active Member

    Very sorry to hear about your experience. I moved away from bmw as a result of their poor after sales care, but tbh audi is not that much better.... Maybe tell audi uk about your experience? They might actually care a bit more. I hope you haven't left the brand for good.
  5. razza1

    razza1 Well-Known Member

    I had an extended warranty with Audi when I bought my car from Crewe Audi. After speaking to the previous owner they knew the flywheel was knackered but didn't tell me.
    After a week of driving it I knew it wasn't right, took it to Reading Audi and they replaced it no issues. Also they fixed a gearbox leak further down the line, again with no issues at all. Service was spot on from them..with no fighting or additional cost
  6. ivor1

    ivor1 Member

    This was my fourth Audi a4,having driven them for 10 years, they are undoubtedly one of the nicest cars on the road,however the last one having two new Front wings fitted due to thin flakey paint, and the rears going the same way,I think Audi have taken their eye off the ball and opted to go for Mercedes quality from last decade.
    As for contacting customer service ,I think it was me mentioning this during my conversations with the dealer that encouraged them to rectify the major problems.I think they initially were trying it on to see if I was willing to contribute something to the cost of repairs,but considering i Had already bought a warranty I think I had contributed enough.I am in no doubt had the original service advisor been still at the dealership things would have been much smoother but each car I had needed several trips to dealer for things other than servicing.I reckon the best made car was the 03 1.9 sport avant I had.
  7. MikeHotel

    MikeHotel New Member

    Thanks for the feedback.
    It's just a shame that the aftersales experience was so poor, for what is is meant to be premium brand. When you send a car in for a service, you'd like to think that any faulty items picked up (that are warranty covered) would be sorted out no questions asked, as opposed to having the dealership ring you to tell you that a replacement part is going to cost 500+ quid (parts + labour).. you then get into the dealership prepared for war of words - only to have the after sales guy say "it was done free of charge..as a courtesy". If the damn thing is warranty covered, then they should perform the work and tell you it was done as part of the warranty process.

    It's a pity that the fantastic experience of owning an s-line, is tarnished by poor after sales service..
  8. Anthony566

    Anthony566 Active Member

    I do believe that the dealer you use plays a very big part in the experiance you have when having a problem ... My last Audi I drove for just over 8 years and during its warranty period I had a few issues inside and out side the car and everyone was sorted without any real issues at all and at no cost to me and that's why I purchased another one 4 months ago when it came to new car time ... My last A4 has been a fantastic car and as reliable as you would expect from a car that has done 267,000 miles oh and yes it still has the original clutch & exhaust on it ......

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