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Used audi advice please..

konrad Feb 10, 2008

  1. konrad

    konrad New Member

    Hi, i'm sure u guys are bored of reading these threads...
    but i wud really appreciate sum advice,

    I've bascially got 5K to spend on an audi A3 (i know not much, but i wanna save sum money to stick sum nice KEi rims on it) ..
    not sure were to start lookin, alot things to consider; shape/year/engine size (however the 1.8 sport looks appealing) and most important mileage...

  2. TheSpaceCowboy

    TheSpaceCowboy Member

    Go for the Turbo 1.8, pick one up that hasnt been used and abused and do the standard checks... Make sure no noticable, coloured amount of smoke is coming out of the exhaust, no squeeks or rattles going around town, the pick up is nice, keep the stereo off and keep an ear out for odd noises and check over the engine for signs of wear and tear.

    Depending on the Mileage ask about the cambelt change, this should be done at around 60k but earlier is better if they havent done it, it can cost up to £700 from the dealers so knock that off the price.
    Check the alloys are real and not cheap replicas put on after the cars had the aftermarkets taken off. Spend the extra that you'd spend on the alloys and get a decent model to save yourself the hassle of repairs later on.

    You may want to read up on Ash_s3's experience and bear that in mind, it shouldnt happen but it may. Good luck!
  3. konrad

    konrad New Member

    thnx alot mate, will look into it.
    point taken regarding the alloys, and the cambelt.

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