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Use of Sportback roof rails

cdb2 Sep 22, 2005

  1. cdb2

    cdb2 Member

    For future reference has anyone used their Sportback roof rails yet?

    Mine are currently for looks only but I suppose one day I may have to use them!

    They have little dimples on the inside which is presumably where something fits. Are they for a footpack or the actual bars?

    Anyone got the Audi bars or used Thule bars to go across?

    Just interested in the cost and ease of purchase\use.
  2. phydaux

    phydaux New Member

    The dimples are for the cross bars, which I have but havent used yet. I had the dearler through them in so I'm not sure of the cost. They look fairly straight forward to install.
  3. stratos

    stratos Member

    www.skidrive.co.uk do the Thule kit for a ton all in to fit the sportback roofrails, Audi bars are 180 a set. Hope this helps.
    PS skidrive do cheap bike racks to fit them if required.

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