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USB headunits

Jay Jun 1, 2008

  1. Jay

    Jay Member

    I'm looking at a new HU as i'm bored with my current one. I can't seem to find a decent unit which has a SD card slot. Currently I have a JVC which has an SD slot behind the front panel. Useful because it saves me buring cds.

    I've been looking at the Alpine HU's none have an SD slot but most of them seem to have USB capability. I'm unsure about what this means. Do they have USB inputs in the rear somewhere? would I be able to purchase an extension lead or something similar to connect a memory card reader or a USB pen drive using this input or do they not work that way?

    Anyone got any knowledge of these units?

  2. StuHolmes

    StuHolmes New Member

    The Blaupunkt USB HUs I'm looking at have a mini usb socket on the back and an extension lead which can be routed to glovebox or centre console. This can then be used to attach a memory stick containing mp3s or a simple mp3 player.
  3. SteveTDCi

    SteveTDCi Active Member

    Some of the JVC still have SD slots and USB, the new Alpines have USB ( W505 +502 ) but I think you need an adaptor, The latest Pioneer has SD slot and I think can be connected to a HD.
  4. strictlyVAG

    strictlyVAG New Member

    my jvc has a usb in the front,
    no messing about, just plug MP3 player straight into it
  5. JayB5UK

    JayB5UK Member

    Most have as mentioned a cable with a USB slot for a memory stick..

    I'm also looking for a USB & Bluetooth option, to blend in and not look $hit and preferably without bloody Dolphins or Racing Car graphics on all the time. Also Sound Quality is a major issue, but I've not bought a new Unit for about 7 years and am out of touch these days.

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