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USB Glove Box Retrofit with Symphony Unit

laticslad Aug 14, 2009

  1. laticslad

    laticslad New Member

    USB Glove Box Retrofit with Symphony Unit
    Evening everyone, this is my first post having been a regular reader and visitor to the site for a few weeks now. I've just bought a 2.0T DSG S Line A3 and love it, and now am in the process of modding it.

    Basically, i've just bought and fitted a new glovebox for my A3 with the USB connector already fitted in it. I've got a Symphony 6 CD changer in the dash already, and was wondering whether this USB addition would work with it.

    I've got a 2006 A3, and it's got the OEM factory bluetooth prep. It also has the BOSE system. My problem is that the lead coming out of the USB slot won't by any stretch of the imagination reach from the glovebox to the back of my head unit, and as i've not got any radio removal keys (on order from ebay!) I can't yet inspect the back of the head unit.

    The USB has a 12 pin (9 of which are active) connection coming out the rear of it.

    My queries are:

    -Will the USB even work with my Symphony Unit? I am in the forseeable future also looking to get the RNS E - would it work with that too?

    -What cable do I need to extend it to the back of my unit? Bearing in mind it is BOSE with bluetooth, i'm worried that there won't even be a spare connection slot at the rear.

    -If I get an RNS E, will the cable I buy to hook the USB up with the Symphony work with that too?

    Thanks in advance!

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