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URS6 or even A6 AirCon wiring diagrams/help ?

smogthemog Apr 5, 2007

  1. smogthemog

    smogthemog Member

    URS6 or even A6 AirCon wiring diagrams ?
    I have a problem with my AC on my 97 (4A) S6 Q Avant.

    There is no +ve (black cable with a red stripe, when you take out the relay socket) to the AC clutch relay (pin 30) in the under bonnet fuse box (in the top left corner of the engine bay).

    I have no AC pump clutch operation either when the car is operating normally or when hooked up to VAG-COM (registered) and in the HVAC output test mode. The AC clutch relay operates fine but there is just NO 12v feed to it to be switched by it, to the AC clutch.

    If I scource a 12v+ feed from somewhere else the clutch operates perfectly and the cabin air get's cold (darn cold [​IMG]), it just seems to have lost the 12v feed to the relay ???

    Has anyone got a diagram or can tell be exactly where this relay gets it's power from ?
    All fuses I can find seem ok.

    I had a 94 A6 2.8 Q A before the S6 and the HVAC system was exactly yhe same so I presume the wiring diags are the same.

    Anyone got Mitchell ??? [​IMG]


  2. dive007

    dive007 New Member

    send me your email address
    power comes from f11 to d8
  3. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

    He got wiring diaghrams on S2forum from Jas

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