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Zeee123 Sep 16, 2013

  1. Zeee123

    Zeee123 New Member

    Hi there guys hope u are all doing well
    to cut long story short. I have a front end damaged a4 2.0tdi cabriolet b7, my reg is ya07 lcc if anyone has facilities to check part nos etc.

    the issue i am having; i bought this car when it had already been stripped by someone else therefore he took parts off and they got misplaced by him throwing away or got lost while in storage where i bought it from

    the problem with this i dont have the old parts to hand with part numbers therefore the mechanic repairing it now and myself have problems sourcing correct parts and audi refuse to give out part numbers

    i also want to check compatiability with the following;

    i understand the b7 saloon/avant bumper will fit. But will a saloon or avant bonnet fit my cabriolet, also will a b6 cabriolet bonnet fit for that matter because on a b6 cabriolet the bonnet is jus a bonnet without grill (same as b7) whereas on the b6 saloon n avant it comes with a grill. So. Will a b7 saloon/avant bonnet fit my cab? Will a b6 cab bonnet fit my b7 cab?

    I know someone breaking a b7 1.9tdi avant

    Will the b7 1.9tdi engine air con pipes / air con rad fit the 2.0tdi ?

    Will the b7 1.9tdi avant electric fan fit my car? I have a brand new aftermarket radiator

    Will the drivers airbag fit(im quite sure it will just asking) 4 spoke steering square one

    Will the driver seat belt connector fit on my cab from the avant? Will the seat belt itself fit? (Different style on the door)

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