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Urgent Please Help - New Alpine HU...No sound?

coajt Jan 20, 2005

  1. coajt

    coajt Member

    Hi Guys

    My new Alpine (9835) HU arrived this morning, using hopefully all the required adaptors/connectors I've installed it correctly (I think) and the HU turns on and can be used ok, the only issue is that I cannot hear any music, so obviously the speakers are somehow not being used? Any ideas?

    I'm using the RCA output leads (running the speakers from these) from car audio direct. I was advised this would work.

    I've simply removed the Concert HU and will still be using the BOSE speakers.

    Any help tonight would be really appreciated, I'm losing all hope in this damn BOSE setup! You should see the amount of wires....

    HELP Andy Mac!



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