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Urgent, Please help, doorcard removal

brys3 Feb 20, 2010

  1. brys3

    brys3 Member

    I've got some issues with my front Bose speakers and would like some tips on how to get to them easily, is it essential to remove the complete doorcard and if so how do I go about it? Please help, in desperate urgency.
  2. s3_kev

    s3_kev Stage2'd!!!!!!

    ok you need to remove the black plastic trim under the door handle then not along the top where the window switches are but the one where your hand would be when shutting the door, there are 2 screws under there i think might be 1, then there are screws at the top of the trim either end of the door need a stubby screwdriver for the one near the door shut, think thats it then just lift the door card up as if you where winding a window up in that direction DONT pull it, if it dont lift then i have missed a screw but think im correct if memory serves correct
  3. S3SYD

    S3SYD Member

    esay stuff mate

    1) there is two screws behind the handle you use to close the door with,which you gain axcess by removing the trim first (held on with a screw)

    2) remove one small screw on the door card by the side veiw mirrior.

    3) remove the door card by lifting it upwards (may require a tap or so)

    4) remove the opening handle cable

    5) remove the wiring plugs if needed.

    job done..:icon_thumright:

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