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Urgent Help Needed - Wheels

dobber Jul 22, 2008

  1. dobber

    dobber Member

    I have just noticed on my wheels that the lacquer is coming off? Only noticed this as I just nicked the wheels on the kerb so got out to have a look and noticed the lacquer is coming off. The car is a A3 170PS Sline Quattro 56 plate. Is this covered under the warranty as this is hardly normal wear and tear????

    SO PISSED OFF - it is due for a quattro fluid change and was also gonna get the rear sun visor fixer as it keeps popping up and is currently held down with blu tack!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shaq12

    Shaq12 Drive it like its hot!

    If this lacquer is anything like the issues VW had with the 25th Anni wheels you need to be firm with them as as SOON as they see any kerbing or damage such as that on the wheel they often try and refuse warranty - stick by your guns if they do and they will give in.

    The lacquer can start to come off for many reasons, what wheels are they?? Sometimes its due to it not being thick enough, other times if a stone has hit the wheel or similar it can damage the lacquer and then brake dust etc can get under it.

    Good Luck
  3. dobber

    dobber Member

    its the big 5 spoke ones like on the rs6

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