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Urgent help needed re 20" RS6 Replica titanium wheels...

Jordi Mar 25, 2012

  1. Jordi

    Jordi New Member

    Hello everyone,

    Currently have a A4 Black Edition in Ibis White which I love to bits. Picked up car 01st September and for 7 months I've had it just love. One thing I am currently thinking about is upgrading to 20" RS6 Replica rims in titanium for it. I love the Titanium 19" I have on there at the mo...but do love the RS6 ones.

    Just really wondered if many people had upgraded to 20" for their A4 and how the ride was...will also be looking at adding some H&R springs to finally finish it off. So can another please advise if they have 20" and how they are or anyone has H&R springs and how they are (re ride) and any pics if poss.

    Thanks all...just want to see I'm doing the best thing before I spend the money, and if anyone knows anyone who has these rims please let me know.

    Thanks all appreciate it
  2. Soft lad

    Soft lad Member

    Can't help you with the pics I'm afraid but I might be interested in the wheels.
  3. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    iv had 20" on 2 a4's and the ride was prety good and i was on KW v1's
  4. Jordi

    Jordi New Member

    Hi Bez & Soft Lad,

    Thanks for your replies back. Bez do you have some pics of your Audi on 20" ? Soft Lad yes would be interested in letting wheels go if do go with 20" wheels...

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