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Urgent help A3 1.6 Sport

matt46cars Jun 27, 2013

  1. matt46cars

    matt46cars New Member

    bought a 1999 audi a3 1.6 sport petrol

    when i got the car did not notice these things until now but need your help on this

    the car is using alot of oil, dont know how much but mayeb few litres a month roughly
    the car is fine when cold but when it heats up to around 90 it has a rough idle where it will go from maybe 600rpm to 1000rpm constantly
    also car is doing a really bad mpg maybe 80 mile to £20

    i have noticed what looks like a pipe to be missing and the source of an air leak or oil leak
    i took these pictures , as you can see 2 holes are being covered with tape , can anyone show me what

    item is missing and weather or not this will solve any problems?
    or does anyone know of any other solutions

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