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Urgent DTC help please!!

IkonA3 Oct 12, 2009

  1. IkonA3

    IkonA3 New Member

    Hi guys

    A mechanic friend of mine was going to do a cambelt change for me but was unable to complete the job as we need another part. So he put everything back together I went to pick the car up from him. On going to put the car into gear, it's a DSG, I instantly felt something wrong with the brake pedal. It felt very loose and every time it was pressed it it made a 'Pfffft' sound???

    I drove down the road and I was having to push it right to the floor for the car to stop! Now usually I just have to feather the brake for the car to stop so something isnt right! I took it back to my mates and we spent a good 30 mins checking everything under the bonnet and everything was connected and looked in order. No warning lights are coming up on the dash I should add. When the engine is switched off the brake pedal goes back to a solid state you would expect it to feel like all the time, once the engine is switched on it goes very 'spongey'.

    Anyway I have an ST3 device for putting on remaps and this can also display DTC codes. I plugged it in and it is displaying the code C02A1. Now I have tried looking this up online but there is nothing on the net about this code! Is it even a proper VAG code?? because most of them seem to be just numbers?!

    Can anyone shed any light on this for me please? I dont really want to drive the car if there is a problem with the brakes! I'm thinking it could be the ABS???

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