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Uprated DV for 2.0 TFSi, what and where?

S-Liner Jul 13, 2011

  1. S-Liner

    S-Liner Member

    Hi all,
    I think my diverter valve has given up: i get a slight "chatter", like a metallic churning noise, just for a second when i accelerate after a gearchange. I think the diverter valve may have failed. I have seen that there is an uprated OEM one, where can i get it and what should i expect to pay. Is it worth getting an aftermarket one, like a Forge?
  2. Marrow

    Marrow Member

    Awesome gti /main dealer /jkm performance all sell them wouldn't bother with forge unless your running allot of boost price wise about 40 -50 quid if i remember correctly ?

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