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Upgrading to autochanger

stressfrees3 Jan 28, 2004

  1. stressfrees3

    stressfrees3 Member

    New to the A4 forum.

    Got a A4 Avant 1.9TdiSE and am thinking about adding an autochanger to the standard HU. Has anyone made this upgraded and if so what wires, connectors etc are required?

    Please advise.Many thanks in advance
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Welcome to THE forum.
    You should have a pre-installed bus lead in the boot on the nearside, not exactly sure where it is on the new model A4. This is all you need as it contains all the connections in one plug. Then you need to source the autochanger, which you get on ebay, you can normally get genuine Audi (Matsushita/Panasonic) ones for about £90.
    Alternatively, you can buy an Alpine (CHM-S620/630, CHA-S634), Kenwood (KDC-C465, C467, 667, KDC-C717, CPS87), Panasonic (Panasonic CX DP9061/88), Clarion (Clarion CDC634, CDC628) or Sony (CDXT62, T67, T69, T70, CDX-616, CDX-656) changer, but you will then need the relevant adapter to connect it to the bus lead in the boot. These are available from InCar Developments http://www.icd-ltd.com for about £30.
    Cheers, Andy

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