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Upgrading the stereo in my A4

imported_lmadsen10 Jul 17, 2004

  1. Hey everyone,
    I'm new to this forum and to Audis in general and was hoping someone could answer some questions for me regarding a possible sound upgrade to a 1998 Audi A4 2.8 quattro with the bose system. What I was hoping to do was replace the deck (or head unit as I guess it is called) with a Pioneer and then upgrade the speakers and add a 10" sub with amps and capacitors. I had the installers at Best Buy look it over (the existing head unit that is) and after an initial reaction of "I wouldn't mess with it... could mean a ton of damage to the internal computer if you replace it with an aftermarket one" etc., they looked up some information on their computer and eventually were willing to give it a try. I ended up ordering a harness to adapt the smaller pioneer with the larger factory slot and hope to have it installed soon. My concern is about the small screen between the tachometer [sp?] and speedometer. Currently it displays things like the current radio station or cd in the changer with the outside temp and remaining gas miles below. Will removing the factory head unit completely disrupt this screen or will just I still be able to view outside temp and remaining gas miles etc.? Also, there was some worries that in removing the head unit the remote entry or alarm would be messed up. I have seen people with aftermarket decks in their Audis that look pretty slick but there has been no mention of possible complications. On another note, I understand that it would be best to replace any existing bose speakers because they are 1 or 2 ohms and most aftermarket ones are 4 ohms? Can some one explain the difference? I really appreciate any information you can give me. I would really like to incoporate a new, flashier deck with out messing too much of the car up if you know what I mean. Thanks a lot.

  2. Thanks a lot for the information. I'll pass this information along to the installers and hopefully they can get a better idea of how to best tune the system. Thanks again.

  3. By the way, I'm now debating between two head units. One is the Pioneer DEH-P8600MP with a nifty OEL display and the other is a Sony CDX-M9900 with a TFT 32,000 color display that makes the OEL look like ****. I was pretty much sold on the Sony since it's red lighting fits with the Audi's inside lights and the screen is absolutely amazing. However, I was talking with the rep at Best Buy and he said that the Pioneer sounds way better than the Sony and has a much better sound processor. I know this isn't really a car audio forum but I figured I would try to get some input in regards to any differences in sounds. Anyone have experiences between sony HUs and Pioneer HUs? If I am a casual listener and not really an audiophile would I really notice the difference between the Sony and the Pioneer? Granted I want something that sounds good, but it would also be really cool to have a display like the one on the Sony. Plus, I can get the Sony for 10 bucks cheaper than the Pioneer. Any input is much appreciated!


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