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Upgrading Headlight Bulbs

phill1.8T Sep 4, 2006

  1. phill1.8T

    phill1.8T New Member

    Can anyone talk me through how to remove the headlights, as I cannot seem to get to the bulbs. Am I right in thinking that you remove all the bolts from the top and then the indicators and they just pop out? Or is there bolts below? Does the bumper need to come off?

    Also, can anyone recommend some bulbs? Which bulbs will I need? I want them to be whiter, as the current ones make the car seem pre historic.

    Its a 99 1.8T audi A3 btw.

    Thanks alot guys and will look forward to response.
  2. skanky

    skanky Member

    i've just ordered some osram silverstars i think they're called. i needed the H4 (main) H7 (dipped) bulbs for my '99 A3 1.8T, i dont have seperate fog lights on my car, from www.powerbulbs.co.uk --theres a 10% discount code as well, just google for "powerbulbs discount code"

    as far as i can see, you need to remove the black headlight cover on the back, unplug the connector, remove the bulb by releasing the metal springs, take the old bulb out, reverse and repeat to put it back in. i imagine the sidelight is the same thing on a million times harder to reach. clearance on the left side seems to be better, not attempted to see how the right side lights go until i have to take them out.

    have just ordered them so expect to have to do this something this week. of course if you want super bright, try a xenon retrofit, i passed up on this as i wanted to have washers if i was going xenon.
  3. silver75

    silver75 Big Ron

    PIAA Xtreme White thats what Im using and Im very happy with them
  4. sprout99

    sprout99 Member

    in projector type lights the phillips blue vision plus look and work best IMHO.


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