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Upgrading Dipped Beams

Brooksy Mar 2, 2010

  1. Brooksy

    Brooksy Member

    I know, there's loads of threads or similar recently. But each thread at the moment have different opinions and can't seem to find a one set solution. (for me anyway)

    Basically I have bought some led's for sidelights recommended in a previous thread of someones and now they make my dipped beams look yellow. What I have just seen that the Nightbreakers seem to be a favorite in the recent threads here.
    I'm needing the H4 Bulbs but something that gives out pure white light, with maybe a blue tinge to it.

    Does anyone have any pics of their lights in use and what they bought. Also what's peoples thoughts on Xenon HID kits as well as a future investment later on in the year/ next year. - Are they straight swap in a way or is there work need to be done. What about MOT requirements?

    Thanks for any help or links for in advance. I've bought from ebay before and they didn't say what they were meant to do on the tin. I.e now producing horrible yellow tinge. Ideally cheaper the better but willing to sacrifice money for quality.


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