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Upgrading B7 2.0T Quattro Brakes to B7 S4

dan_the_v8man Dec 2, 2009

  1. dan_the_v8man

    dan_the_v8man Member

    I've been doing a bit of mooching round the net and it would appear the B7 S4 uses the same 345mm setup as the Mk5 R32. My car also appears to have the same calipers but on a 320mm setup.

    If I bought a pair of B7 S4 Caliper Carriers and discs would they fit my straight onto my B7 2.0T Quattro?

    Been to see the parts counter at my local audi dealer, they can't be sure but I did come away with part numbers and prices

    S4 Caliper Carriers - 1K0615425B - £57.40 each

    S4 345mm x 30mm Discs - 8E0615301T

    Now to me the S4 caliper part number looks distinctively like a VW Part number

  2. jwhat

    jwhat Member VCDS Map User It's my birthday

    I'm pretty sure they would, maybe get new pads to go with the new disks too.

    Don't know anything about the vw part number thing though!
  3. dan_the_v8man

    dan_the_v8man Member

    well i've got some Fereodo DS2500's on order anyway, had them on my vRS and Passat. Other than them being a bit noisy I really cant fault them

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