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Upgrading B6 headlights

tubbyttop Oct 26, 2011

  1. tubbyttop

    tubbyttop New Member

    Hi, I've recently bought a B6 Avant 1.8t Sline. It doesn't have xenon lights but does have projectors. I've noticed that the light output from the original bulbs is pretty poor and not that great for dark roads. Other than fitting HID lights, is there any other direct replacements I can fit that would significantly improve the headlamps? I've seen some Osram Nightbreakers so wondered if anyone here has used them?

    I know HIDs would give the best results but I haven't really got the time to install them at the moment so I'm hoping for a simpler solution. Any suggestions are welcome.

  2. Martin1981

    Martin1981 New Member

    I run NightBreakers in my B6 and they're much better than the OEM bulbs but still not that brilliant. Gonna go for HID's when I can find some OEM Xenon lamps.

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