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Upgrading a 2.0T Quattro - S3 or S-Line / Votex?

Ben H Jun 5, 2010

  1. Ben H

    Ben H On a journey...

    I've got a 2.0TQ Sportback that I'm very happy with - it's a great spec and colour (Garnet Red) with only 15k on the clock. I could probably stretch to a new S3 Sportback, but it feels that my 2.0TQ is 85% there already.

    I'm therefore considering the following:

    - S-Line front end with Votex skirts ***or*** S3 (8P) front end with S3 Sportback skirts (8P3)
    - S3 rear valance
    - S3 / other brake callipers
    - Springs and / or shocks
    - Possibly some mechanical mods

    The main issue is choosing between the S-Line / Votex and S3 looks (the former is clearly cheaper!). How much am I looking at spending and would the S3 combo look a lot better than an S-Line / Votex combo?

    My aim would be to keep it really subtle, since the mapped 2.0TQ is already a bit of a sleeper.
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  2. antmax7

    antmax7 Member

    here's a few pic's of my 2.0t sport back with full votex kit fella (bar exhaust trim)
    will take some better pics for you tomorrow
  3. waring192

    waring192 Member

    If you can go S3 then do it! With only 15K on yours you should get a good price for it.
  4. akash_sky1

    akash_sky1 Active Member

    the votex kit looks a lot better with s-line bumpers IMO, and not just saying that because thats what i have.the votex front lip just looks a bit too stuck on. The side-skirts, rear valance and roof spoiler look good though. The roof spoiler is a lot chunkier then the s-line one and looks much better. it suites dark cars a lot better though tbh
  5. Sarah's A3

    Sarah's A3 MODERATOR V6 S3 Hybrid Moderator

    If you can afford an S3 go for it! I cant so im doing the S3 conversion soon! Nothing against the Votex but prefer S3 tbh. Was going to do S Line as mines as S Line buy hey! why not S3 lol! Go on get an S3!!
  6. Dandle

    Dandle Member

    My opinion and it is only my opinion is that a 2.0t quattro is about 60% away from being an S3, sure its a nice car but its no S3 and the performance difference from standard is just way to big(as is the mechanical spec of the car car, the S3 isnt just a higher powered 2.0TQ). The Votex kit did have a place and looked the business when the s-line body kit was an extra but after 2006 when the s-line exterior styling kit was added to the s-line spec as standard it kind of stands out as an extra stick on kit to an SE spec car.

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