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Upgrades / mods to my A6

JimC64 Aug 4, 2010

  1. JimC64

    JimC64 Active Member


    Well guys,
    for some time now I've been thinking about a change. I tend to get bored after a while and she's now 3 and a half years old.....still looks great but time for a change.
    I'd love to upgrade to an A8 4.2 tdi quattro sport and have been seriously looking......but, unfortunately for me, finances don't allow given the current climate etc [​IMG]
    So, next best thing.......time to freshen her up a little I think!
    To be fair given she's 3 and a half years old with 73k miles on the clock she's in great condition and I always get lots of compliments on how she's turned out, especially after the TT Trapeze 17" alloy upgrade [​IMG]

    Around 2 months ago I had a full bumper respray ( under warranty[​IMG]) so thats all good, but...
    I have some lacquer peeling on the bonnet as well as a few stone chips ( touched up - quite well I might add[​IMG] ) on the wings.....but they really bug me. Got a quote from Audi for £1168 for the job with a 50% discount[​IMG] so thats £584.....she goes in on Monday for that work to be done.

    When she's finished it'll be off to the detailers for a day, maybe 2 so they can de swirl the rest of the car to bring it all up to as new condition...a mere £250 but well worth it I think!
    Once completed, I'm pretty sure I'll be doing the DRL LED upgrade as per my post link ...I estimate around £100 all in. I know a good sparky that will do the job for me and they will look as stock as can be [​IMG]
    They should match pretty well with my upgraded lights ( dipped, mainbeams, sidelights and fogs ) link
    Of course if I go ahead with this I'll do a write up for anyone that may be interested!

    I've also been looking at hubcentrci wheel spacers....nothing too outrageous, probably 15mm either side, just to widen the stance a little and make it a little more aggresive looking. Checked them out and they come in at around £130 for the set of 4

    Probably finish off with new number plates front n rear as below to complete the " new look "


    I'd really be interested in a couple of interior mods / upgrades if anyone with VAGCOM can help?
    I'd like to get needle sweep activated if possible as well as the alarm confirmation "chirp"......quite willing to pay a few bucks or buy a few beers if anyone can help local to Glasgow???
    Please let me know....TIA

    Anyhow, thats my plans for the moment.....They may be augmented by another new set of alloys in the near future too. Current tyres are getting a bit low and may just swap them out for a full new set complete with new alloys as done before....we'll see[​IMG]

    Thanks for reading

    Well, I put my beloved A6 in the hands of the bodyshop today to get the bonnet and both front wings resprayed[​IMG]
    I also discussed with them at length the possibility of them polishing the rest of the car to remove defects / de swirl her essentially? They said no problem, and have a dedicated detailer on site to do this kind of work. So I bit the bullet and asked them to also complete that work for an extra sum of £££ of course. I spoke at length about hearing of horror stories of holograming / micro marring etc etc and he put my mind at ease.....who am I kidding??
    Still as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Anyhow, I'll get her back in a few days time so we'll see I guess and I'll either pay them or I won't!

    DRL LED's also ordered today and should arrive in 2-3 days time - then to get those bad boys fitted[​IMG]....can't wait!!
    Also ordered the NEW number plates for front n rear of the car. Although the ones that are on there at present are fine, I think for £25 a brand new set should help to finish off the overall appearance[​IMG]

    I'm now off to llok at hubcentric wheel spacers....I need to double check but think I can add an extra 10-15mm onto the setup and widen the stance even further for a meaner look.........more to follow[​IMG]
  2. JimC64

    JimC64 Active Member


    Car came back from the paintshop today and there was good news and bad news[​IMG][​IMG]
    The respray on the bonnet and both front wings looks great and a perfect colour match....its been blended in really well too ( thats the good part )
    Bad part? - Well, I asked them to polish the whole car, explaining to them that I wanted ALL the paint defects such as swirl marks, micro marring and any hologramming removed TOTALLY. I agreed an extra price of £150 for this work and they were very confident that they knew what I was talking about and could easily achieve this. I was sceptical, but for a good price thought what did I have to lose?
    Upon inspection the swirl marks etc etc were not improved at all as far as I could see and I refused to pay the extra, which after I pointed out the issues remained they had no problem with.
    I believe it may have been either a coommunication issue or they just didn't understand detailing!!!

    Anyway - cars all good at the moment, but it'll mean a separate trip to the detailer at some point and another £250 + 2 days with no car, but it'll be worth it.[​IMG]
    got the DRL's sorted earlier today....check them out here and see what you think? link


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