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Upgrade: speakers only - what have you done?

A4 stu Oct 26, 2013

  1. A4 stu

    A4 stu Member

    Has anyone simply upgraded the speakers only and left the factory radio in place?

    If so what did you use and was the improvement worth it?

    My Audi is being reverted back to factory Concert tape/radio (with ipod connects2 adapter) for the wife to use and most probably the factory speakers. SHe really doesnt see any need for improvement.

    I am still going to be using the car and I do! But, I cant see me being able to slip new speakers amps and sub(s) in without her knowing.

    However, I am considering a simple upgrade of some high sensitivity speakers to replace the front door mids (I have the 5.25" adapters) and a pair of 6 inch coaxials in the rear to be run from the factory head unit and rear amp.

    I have seen some 92db and 93db speakers which should be easier to drive than most components but I wonder how much better than OEM drivers they will be when only being run from the factory radio?

    I have tried using the factory radio to drive my Pioneer components that are currently fitted but they really need to be amped as they are harder to drive (88db I think?).


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